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Families like yours have trusted the 7 SANTINI BROTHERS® for generations.  Founded by the 7 Santini brothers in 1891, they began operations in Bronx, NY, with only three horse drawn vans and twelve employees.  Since then, we’ve grown into one of the nation’s largest moving and storage companies providing moving services across the United States.  Over the years we have expanded the scope of our services to include tradeshow services and high value products, as well as international relocations.

The heritage of moving and storage leadership written by Santini began in the horse and buggy days and has continued into the international Information Age. Whereas a strong back was the primary criterion for moving goods in the late 1800s, information technology and 24/7 visibility to shipments define today's moving and storage industry. Not only has 7 SANTINI BROTHERS® changed with the times, we have led both the national and international industries with many important advancements.

7 Santini Brothers Moving and Storage has led the way of moving and storage through innovation:

  • 7 SANTINI BROTHERS was the first to specialize in moving household goods
  • When covered moving vans were introduced, they carried the 7 SANTINI BROTHERS name
  • 7 SANTINI BROTHERS led the moving and storage business away from horse-drawn wagons with the first motor trucks-1903
  • The first concrete and steel warehouse was built by 7 SANTINI BROTHERS-1906
  • The first transcontinental motor van move was completed by 7 SANTINI BROTHERS-1928
  • In 1960, THE 7 SANTINI BROTHERS established 7 Santini Wide World, later known as 7 Santini International
  • 7 SANTINI BROTHERS wins Industry Innovator Award for utilizing technology to make tracking shipments faster-2000

We continue this innovation with our “No Excuse Price” program. This is the industry’s only true guaranteed price offering. Our “For All It’s Worth” valuation protection was the first full value transit protection program offering pairs and sets coverage.  At the Santini Brothers, providing our customers with the best value and service is our main goal. We are and have been one of the leading local moving and long distance moving companies for over 100 years! By making the moving process simpler, we've become the movers of choice for families like yours!

And by the combination of our history with our continued focus on meeting new challenges while meeting customer expectations have allowed 7 Santini Brothers the privilege of moving families across the globe for over 100 years. 

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